Full Duplex PCMCIA Card From Quicknet Features Hardware-Based Audio Acceleration

SAN DIEGO, CA, Internet Telephony Expo (June 7, 2017) — Bringing the advantages of high quality, low cost Internet telephony technology to mobile computer users, Quicknet Technologies, Inc., the leader in low-density Internet Telephony products, today announced the Internet PhoneCARDä . The first standards-based PCMCIA card with hardware compression designed specifically for enhanced voice over the Internet, the Internet PhoneCARD features full-duplex operation and Quicknet’s award-winning hardware-based audio acceleration for the highest possible audio quality.

“With their need to make large numbers of calls from anywhere in the world, mobile computer users probably have the greatest need of all computer users for high quality Internet telephony,” stated Stacey Reineccius, President and CEO of Quicknet Technologies, Inc. “The Internet PhoneCARD gives today’s road warriors the award-winning sound quality of Quicknet’s Internet PhoneJACK in a plug and play PC CARD format that can be used virtually anywhere.”

The hardware-based audio acceleration in the Internet PhoneCARD reduces annoying audio latency by performing multiple audio processing functions in parallel. The on-board DSP also offloads the CPU for maximum system performance. The full-duplex audio system allows users to talk and listen at the same time, a capability not otherwise supported by most notebook computers, which have half-duplex audio systems.

The Internet PhoneCARD includes Quicknet’s Internet SwitchBoard™ H.323 Single Line Internet Telephone Gateway Software. Offering the same technology as high-end gateway systems costing $10,000 and more, Internet SwitchBoard is a feature-rich Internet telephony product specifically designed for the needs of demanding business users. Internet SwitchBoard works in conjunction with the hardware-based audio compression in the Internet PhoneCARD to dramatically improve the quality of Internet telephony and provide exceptional clarity.

A full H.323 client, Internet SwitchBoard enables users to place calls to other H.323 applications and the most popular Internet telephone clients, including the Microsoft NetMeeting client bundled with Windows 95/98, Net2Phone, and others.

The Internet PhoneCARD is H.323 audio compliant, and provides G.723.1, G.711, G.729a and TrueSpeech audio compression in hardware. Internet PhoneCARD requires a Pentium 133Mhz or faster notebook or desktop computer with an available Type II PCMCIA slot, and is compatible with Windows 95/98 and Linux.

The Internet PhoneCARD includes a cable adapter with a 2.5mm audio jack and a compatible headset. An optional SmartCABLE™ upgrade enables users to place and receive Internet calls using a standard telephone.

The Internet PhoneCARD will be available for shipment in November at a price of $179.95 from Quicknet Technologies, and from Quicknet’s dealers, distributors, and catalog superstores.

About Quicknet Technologies, Inc.

Quicknet Technologies Inc. has been the leading innovator in Internet telephony since 1994. Quicknet Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company based in San Francisco specializing in the design and manufacture of low density Internet telephony products for small businesses. Sold in over 165 countries around the world, Quicknet’s products enable users to effectively boost their Internet telephone call quality and ease of use. Quicknet’s products are available to resellers directly through Quicknet and are available to end customers through dealers, distributors, and catalog superstores.

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