Founded: Quicknet Technologies, Inc. (QTI) was Incorporated in January 1995 in San Francisco, California.

Mission:  Quicknet seeks to “Phone Enable” every PC with High Quality, Low Cost Voice over IP services, software and hardware.

Corporate Highlights:  Quicknet  is the leading supplier of Internet Telephony hardware for use on personal computers in small office and personal applications. Quicknet’s products supply the widest range of capabilities on the broadest range of operating systems with proven worldwide utility and benefits.

Quicknet’s corporate headquarters is located in the heart of San Francisco’s “MultiMedia Gulch” at 520 Townsend Street, Suite D, San Francisco, CA 94103. Our neighbors include both Macromedia and LinuxCare.

Quicknet also has offices on Mission Street in San Francisco and in Texas, Connecticut and Australia.

Software:  Quicknet Technologies, Inc. supplies a range of software products for the end-user, software developer and OEM product manufacturers. End user products include the Internet SwitchBoardTM, multi-protocol Voice over IP client and support for various PC-to-Phone services from deltathree.com, Net2Phone and Dialpad.com. For developers, Quicknet supplies the Telephony API for Linux (LTAPITM), programming APIs and source code for Windows, and, through partnerships, free H.323 protocol stacks for Windows and Linux operating systems. For OEMs, Quicknet supplies custom branded software applications based on its technologies and services. OEM customers include Net2Phone, Inc., deltathree.com and Psion Connect.

Hardware:   Quicknet Technologies, Inc. focuses on the delivery of high-quality, low-cost, Voice over IP hardware for personal computers. Quicknet’s hardware products supply telephone line emulation and connectivity presently used in over 175 countries today. Key capabilities include on-board DSP processing including H.323 compression/decompression of audio streams for Voice over IP applications, zero IRQ installation and operation allowing easy multi-card software development, worldwide telephone system emulation and connectivity, fax processing and related telephony requirements. Branded hardware products include the Internet PhoneJACKTM, the Internet LineJACKTM, and the Internet PhoneCARDTM for PCMCIA capable computers.

New Products & Features:  The Internet SwitchBoard™ 4.0 is Quicknet Technologies’ latest Internet Telephone client for personal and small office use. Brandable for OEM and private use, it provides greater quality and ease of use than software only products. Its features include support of Quicknet’s Internet PhoneJACKTM adapter cards, Least Cost Routing of Internet calls, multiple carrier routing for greater reliability, H.323 compatibility, and use of any standard analog telephone to place and receive calls with International line emulation.

  • Stacey ReinecciusPresident & CEO
    Mr. Reineccius brings over 15 years of management experience, including hands-on start-up direction, to the Company.  A true entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Reineccius took his first software contracting job at the age of 11 and founded his first company, Julian Systems, while in college (UC Berkeley) selling Macintosh and PC memory.  He grew Julian Systems from $60.00 in seed capital to $7.5M in annual sales and expanded its products to include some of the first PC based nonlinear video-editing products.  In 1991 Mr. Reineccius brought an experienced team together for his second company and, after its successful over-the-counter registration, was responsible for designing products that were adopted as system standards by GTE and Sprint for their fiberoptic, operations and digital communications network operations management.   Mr. Reineccius directly managed the technical, operations and marketing aspects of both companies.

In 1994, Stacey returned to his home town of San Francisco, California and founded Quicknet to create hardware and software products based on his ideas about the convergence of computers, telephones and the Internet.  (Ideas that were, at the time, considered far-fetched!)

Stacey combines his engineering background and entrepreneurial experience with his studies of mass communications and psychological operations (in the US Army) as the key market and technical visionary for Quicknet.


  • Elaine StathakisChief Operating Officer
    Ms. Stathakis brings over 14 years of project management, human resources, conflict resolution, and financial management skills to the Quicknet.  She provides the core organizational focus for the company and manages the day-to-day operations as well as key legal, financial and corporate activities. In addition to holding prior positions as corporate controller, Ms. Stathakis is the former Director of System Implementation and Customer Service for ATEL Financial Corp.  At ATEL, Ms. Stathakis managed technical software development and customer support where she turned around an unhappy client base (from only 3% satisfaction to over 98% satisfaction in under 12 months).  Ms. Stathakis has acted as consultant to companies, large and small, specializing in office automation and financial and labor law compliance.

Elaine combines her studies of communications and computer graphics and hands-on experiences with managers, programmers and end-customers to provide an essential customer view of the Company’s vision and product implementation.


  • David W. Erhart, Chief Technology Officer 
    Mr. Erhart brings over 13 years of PC software and hardware development experience to Quicknet.  He is a veteran Windows programmer and has over 10 years experience in the Microsoft Windows development and registration process AND holds a BS in Electrical Engineering.  In addition to several hardware products, he has successfully managed the implementation of a set of highly complex and sophisticated mission-critical software products currently in use today for the utility and nuclear power industries.  While at QMS and Altos Engineering, Mr. Erhart directed the R&D teams in new and advanced software development.  He has designed software from conception to shipment for companies that include UB Networks (formerly Ungerman Bass), Compaq and the Smithsonian.

Dave combines his detailed implementation skills, technical depth and the ability to translate concepts into the tangible software solutions necessary in the creation of today’s competitive PC based products.


  • Iris Grable, Vice President Worldwide Manufacturing
    Oversees, implements and expands Quicknet’s worldwide manufacturing operations. Coordinate both external and internal purchasing and materials requirements and direct OEM operations. Ms. Grable has over 30 years of experience in both Operations and Sales. Ms. Grable’s professional experience includes Century Electronics where she was Vice President of Sales. Previously Ms. Grable was Vice President of Marketing and Business Development and one of the co-founders of IMS International Manufacturing Services (acquired by Celestica). Previously to IMS she held various management positions at AVEX Electronics, SCI Systems and Micropolis Corporation.
  • Paul Kosturos, CPA, Vice President of Finance and Operations
    Directing all financial management of the company, including forecasting, budgeting and daily accounting as well as overseeing operations of information systems, and customer care.Mr. Kosturos’ professional experience includes over 10 years of public accounting experience. At Bregante + Company, CPA’s, LLP, he was a Principal in charge of over 30 financial statement audits a year as well as being a tax manager in charge of over 100 small business, including Quicknet and individual tax clients. His clients consisted of manufacturing, high tech, e-commerce, insurance companies and many other areas.

  • 1st to introduce direct telephone interface for personal use Internet telephone applications
  • 1st to integrate PC-to-Phone service with actual use of telephone by the caller
  • 1st to provide Linux support for Voice over IP
  • Maintainer of the Linux Telephony API
  • 1st to provide hardware based audio acceleration for personal users
  • 1st to provide hardware based audio acceleration for Net2Phone users
  • 1st to supply under $300 Voice over IP gateway with hardware acceleration
  • 1st to integrate multiple Voice over IP service providers compatibility into a single product offering
  • 1st to support Open Source development for Voice over IP
  • 1st to deliver hardware acceleration for VoIP on ISA, PCI and PCMCIA buses
  • 1st to support IP Extension functionality for IP Centrex and IP PBX systems including Altigen
Quicknet’s family of Internet Telephony products has received the following awards:

  • Best of Communication Solutions Expo – Spring 2000
  • Internet Telephony’s Product of the Year Award – 1999
  • Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award – 1999
  • Best of Internet Telephony Expo – 1999
  • ConvergeNET’s Interoperability Acheivement Award 1999 – 2000
  • Best of Communication Solutions Expo – Fall 1999
  • Best of CTI Expo – Spring, 1999
  • Internet Telephony’s Product of the Year Award – 1998
  • Computer Telephony’s Product of the Year Award – 1998
  • Computer Telephony’s Product of the Year Award -1997
  • Computer Telephony’s Channel Ready Product Award – 1997
  • CTI  Product of the Year Award – 1997
  • CTI  Editors Choice Platinum Award – 1997
“The Internet PhoneJACK provides remarkable voice quality.”CTI Labs, CTI Magazine

“When Quicknet Technologies introduced the Internet PhoneJACK last year, they revolutionized the Internet telephony gateway market.”

Dave Krupinski – Article
Voice International Magazine

“Quicknet’s Internet PhoneJACK is amazing! If Wired’s reaction is any indication of the general market reaction (which I believe it is), you are in for one fast, and successful, ride!”

“In addition, I recently met with a large technology client and I mentioned the fact that, with products like [Internet] PhoneJACK, they will be able to include a 1-800 number on their banner and then the user could click on that and immediately be connected to a live operator. Needless to say they too were excited and anxious to incorporate this feature into future designs.”

Chris Bolte, Hot Wired

“Quicknet Technologies has produced a breakthrough product with their Internet PhoneJACK telephony card.”

Brian McConnell – Article
CTI Magazine, May/June 1997


“The Internet PhoneJACK is a really cool product!…
Looking forward to speaking with you on the net.”

Jeff Pulver – Author,
Internet Telephone Toolkit
Publisher, The Pulver Report™

“I am always keeping an eye out for the revolutionary technologies in our market and that I think I have to say Quicknet is definitely in that category.”

John Landau, COO
Dialogic Corp.

“…A more compelling story for Telephony on a PC…”

Charles Fitzgerald – former NetMeeting Product Manger
Microsoft Corp.